The IJBS at Dr Williams’s Library

If you happen to be in London on Saturday 9 November 2013, join us for a one-day conference on dissenting experience, co-convened by Michael Davies, Anne Dunan-Page, and Joel Halcomb, in partnership with the Dr Williams’s Centre for Dissenting Studies. There are distinguished members of IJBS among the speakers (Michael Davies, N. H. Keeble and Kathleen Lynch), and acting Secretary Bob Owens and UK treasurer David Walker will also be in attendance; check the accompanying blog for further details, and download the full programme here.

© Trustees of Dr Williams's Library

© Trustees of Dr Williams’s Library

Michael Davies (scroll down for a presentation of his forthcoming edition of the Bedford Church Book) will be talking about the Bunyan Church in a paper entitled  ‘Life after Bunyan: Ebenezer Chandler and the Pastorship of the Bedford congregation’. There will be three of these conferences (2013, 2014, 2015), each on a different theme, and we hope that they will also serve as stepping stones to the IJBS 2016 triennial gathering.

John Bunyan in the Virtual Library System (Dissenting Academies Online)

Dr Williams’ s Centre for Dissenting Studies has just launched an augmented version of its Virtual Library System (part of Dissenting Academies Online), the union catalogue of holding and loans of dissenting academies, with the addition of Northern Congregational College. This is a unique opportunity to find out how Bunyan’s works were acquired and circulated (including translations) and is strongly recommended to Bunyan scholars. The IJBS would be keen to hear from members intending to use that tool in their work and analyse the results.