recorder-6The Recorder, created in 1993, is the annual newsletter of IJBS. It offers members of the society a forum for notes, queries, conference announcements, calls for papers, news of members, reviews, abstracts, bibliographies: anything of interest to scholars and readers of Bunyan, and nonconformist culture.

Current editor: Richard Angelo Bergen, University of British Columbia, Canada.


Previous editors: Shannon Murray, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada (1993-1998); Ken Simpson, Thompson Rivers University, Canada (1999-2007); Chris Garrett, University of Southern Indiana, USA (2008-2013); Nathalie Collé, University of Lorraine, France (2013-2019).

Texting Bunyan: Essays on Attribution, Influence, and Appropriation: A selection of essays from The Recorder (1999-2008) was edited by Ken Simpson in 2010 and is available to download from Open Latch Publications,

For enquiries and submissions, please contact the editor, Richard Angelo Bergen:

The latest issue of The Recorder is made immediately available to all members of the IJBS each Autumn, and put online on this website with a year’s delay.