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The Recorder, the newsletter of IJBS

The Recorder, created in 1993, is the annual newsletter of IJBS. It offers members of the society a forum for notes, queries, conference announcements, calls for papers, news of members, reviews, abstracts, bibliographies: anything of interest to scholars and readers of Bunyan, and nonconformist culture.

Previous editors: Shannon Murray, University of Prince Edward Island, Canada (1993-1998); Ken Simpson, Thompson Rivers University, Canada (1999-2007); Chris Garrett, University of Southern Indiana, USA (2008-2013)

Current editor: Nathalie Collé (University of Lorraine, France)

Selection of critical essays: a selection of essays from The Recorder (1999-2008), Texting Bunyan: Essays on Attribution, Influence, and Appropriation, was edited by Ken Simpson in 2010 and is available to download from Open Latch Publications,

For enquiries and submissions, please contact the editor, Nathalie Collé,

The latest issue of The Recorder is made immediately available to members of IJBS each spring, and put online on this website with a six-month delay.

© Justin Rowe

© Justin Rowe

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The Recorder, 2015 (vol. 21)

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The Recorder, 1996-2007, forthcoming

The Recorder, 1995 (vol. 3.1)

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The Recorder, 1993 (vol. 1.1 and 1.2)