Constitution and bye-laws

The Constitution and bye-laws are currently in preparation. Below you will find a description of the role of each member of the Executive committee.

President: the President is responsible for the intellectual leadership and direction of the Society. This mainly takes the form of organizing and hosting a triennial conference. It can also take the form of recommending directions or initiatives for the Society based on the President’s view of trends in early modern scholarship, the relationship of scholarship to the general public, and the development of the global academic community. Term: three years (not normally renewable).

Vice-President: the Vice-President serves as a key advisor to the President and the Executive on all matters that may arise or require consultation. The Vice-President is the automatic nominee for the position of President upon the current President’s retirement, and is acclaimed as President if he or she accepts the nomination. Term: three years (not normally renewable).

Secretary: the Secretary serves as the overall co-ordinator of the IJBS. As such, he or she works with all other members of the Executive to support their efforts in communication, membership promotion and renewal, financial and business matters, and conference consultation and development. The Secretary maintains continuity by ensuring that nominees are available for positions on the Executive. Term: three years (renewable).

Treasurer: the Treasurer maintains the Society’s funds and disburses them according to a planned budget in support of The Recorder and other events and initiatives. The IJBS has had two treasurers in recent years—one for North America and one for Britain—in order to make joining or renewing a membership more convenient for members from countries with different currencies. Term: three years (renewable).

Editor of The Recorder: The Editor ensures that the annual newsletter is produced and distributed to members. The Recorder is our vital link for information, book reviews, short articles and scholarly notes and queries, calls for papers, and other academic announcements. Term: three years (renewable).

Editor of Bunyan Studies: A Journal of Reformation and Nonconformist Culture: The scholarly journal Bunyan Studies has been in existence since 1988, and appears once a year. It is now published and distributed from the Department of Humanities in the School of Arts and Social Sciences, Northumbria University. In 2010 it became the official journal of IJBS, and members receive a copy of the journal as part of their membership package.

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